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Destination Health, the first global network of advisors for the internationalization of healthcare providers and medical travel destinations

Destination Health is a consultancy brand born around one year ago to take care of the internationalization of healthcare providers from all over the world, in a context where medical tourism and healthcare business is developing with a double digit growth rates, worldwide.

Developing Medical Travel and Internationalization is a complex task that requires different skills and competences, hard to find in a single agency or consultancy brand. This is why Destination Health was designed as a network of longstanding advisors of proven experience working on different markets and with different specialities. This makes Destination Health the only global network able to provide strategic consultancy and operational services in all key areas, and support healthcare providers and destinations in their journey towards Internationalization.

Destination Health is, therefore, able to work on a global scale, developing Internationalization project from the main inbound to the main outbound markets offering services ranging from organization and management to business intelligence, from market research to digital marketing, from stakeholder relations to service portfolio management from International certifications to branding strategies.

Our internationalization process has a multilevel approach that involves patients, doctors, governments, insurances and media. To cover the whole spectrum, we have deives a synergic set of operations:

Destination Health is part of a family of synergic operations:

  • InterCare,  which had its first edition in 2017, is the first International Exhibition and Congress on Healthcare Internationalization. The 2018 edition will feature more and more strategic content on the subject at all levels: from Governments to Insurances and Hospitals.
  • Destination Health is the advisory operation aimed at supporting healthcare providers and destinations in their Internationalization process, be it identifying areas to open new hospitals or to attract patients.
  • ItalyCares, is the first of a replicable and scalable model of National clusters, aimed at selecting and grouping national healthcare excellencies and build dedicated Internationalization programs on selected markets through meetings with Governmental bodies responsible for healthcare development, local insurance companies, medical community relations, media relations, etc. Programs usually have a three years time span to enable a proper market development.

The model debuted with a mission of a cluster of Italian healthcare excellences

Fair, consultancy and cluster development enables to touch all aspects and players of Internationalization business.

As a first example of the cluster model activity, inaugurated with Italian hospitals, a comprehensive three year development program on the United Arab Emirates and Gulf Region region has been prepared including MoUs with local Health Authorities and Ministries, medical and scientific cooperation agreements with public and private hospital groups, medical education programs and dedicated missions between the two countries. Thanks to our network of partner, Destination Health is able to create similar programs in most of key outbound areas of the globe.

Destination Health is also active in market research to identify potential of key areas. Prior to the mission in the UAE, it run a research about development opportunities of the healthcare sector in Gulf Coast Countries, with a specific focus on Medical Travel. It is possible to read a preview of the research at this link.

Destination Health works with a scientific and integrated approach which has measurement at its core. In today’s competitive environment it is essential to measure results and prove ROI. Through the proprietary methodology of the Marketing Ecosystem and the adoption of up-to-date econometric models, we are able to measure each marketing and communication activity, online and offline, and evaluate its impact on conversions and patients flow. Thanks to this methodology it is possible not only to prove the effectiveness of the business strategy but also to build predictive models to optimize future activities and actions.

Destination Health aims to become an outstanding International advisor in the Healthcare field and a single source partner for the Internationalization process of top healthcare providers all over the world. 

If you are thinking of expanding your business beyond your national borders, do not hesitate to contact us, telling us about you and your goals. We will be glad to listen to your needs and propose you a tailored and integrated strategy to start and develop you internationalization process.


  • Excellent article! Medical Tourism or Medical Travel helps many people from different countries to find acceptable treatment in different clinics and hospitals. There are providers of Medical Tourism which could meet all requirements of industry. For example, this company is the partner of everyone who faces disease and need treatment. Your organisation has a human and very important aims.

    Sergei Demchuk 10.01.2018
  • Salve, vi scrivo perche’ mio fratello e’ socio presso una clinica linfologica (unica in Italia) ed e’ interessato ad espandere l’offerta all estero in particolare in America utilizando la formula pleasure and medical care. Grazie

    Stefania 20.01.2018

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