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Intercare 2017 Destination Helath Presentation

Destination Health: the new Medical Tourism advisor in healthcare

Destination Health is a newborn international consultancy network in Medical Tourism
whose mission is to support internationalization of healthcare providers, develop business solutions and multichannel marketing projects, based on a proprietary Communication Ecosystem model.

The 5 founding partners introduced Destination Health during Intercare, in the seminar titled
Generate incoming: a multichannel marketing approach

Speakers focused on how, in such a complex market as Medical Tourism, it is essential to manage and integrate all marketing and promotion channels.
Developing medical tourism in not about facilitators, web portals, educational trips. Is about vision, consistency and integration. Both providers and patients must embark on a journey. Providers must evolve their clinical offer, organization, architecture, standards of service, logistics, culture to meet the needs of a demanding clientele Patients must evolve their knowledge of the disease, their awareness on options, their trust in doctors, their consciousness on choices
Each patient follows a different path from when the need of a treatment arises to when he or she finally chooses the destination and the clinic. And after the treatment, patients can become an advocate. Managing this Customer Journey or, better, Patient Journey, through an effective and measurable multichannel strategy is essential to develop a successful long term marketing strategy.

Destination Health’s mission is to establish a unique and successful approach by developing an International network of thought leaders with unique and sound experiences from different markets.

Here you can find the speeches of the 5 founders:
Alessandro Santambrogio, Destination Health

Keith Pollard, Managing Editor, IMTJ

Andrea Boaretto, Founder, Personalive

Rania Kimrakji, CEO, Royalty Consultants

Raffaella Molteni, Vice President, Medpoint Health Partners

For further information, please contact Alessandro Santambrogio,, M +39 348 7150912

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